Designs to Excite

We are primarily involved in the design, supply and installation  of Swimming Pools, Spas, Exercise Pools, Hydrotherapy Pools, Equine Pools and custom-built Sauna and Steam Rooms.

A wide range of options are available for all our installations. For example, the choice of Swimming Pool finishes can be large format tiles or full mosaic tiling with the client’s own preference of designs and motifs, specific to that particular pool.

We install both manual and fully automated touch screen filtration and backwash control systems using the most up-to-date equipment available on the international market i.e. filtration systems including Variflow Stainless Steel Sand Filters, Amperometric Chemical Control, Ultra Violet Treatment Systems, etc.

Provision of water features serve to enhance your pool and we can include underwater lighting, air loungers, geyser pads, counter current jets and a multitude of other features.

Whatever your choice and requirements, we can help you.

Private Pool 1
Private Pool 2